Chilling Cafe in Madrid, Spain

I had a long layover in Madrid and that gave me the opportunity to go checkout a local vegan café. When I was researching cafes, I was looking for a spot that was minimalist and authentic. Was trying to stay away from the posh locations for this outing. Chilling Cafe caught my attention because it had great ratings and it’s the first vegan café that opened in Madrid!

When the cab pulled up to the location, it was in a bit of a hidden side street near to the booming and busy Calle Gran Via. l arrived around 10:00 AM on a Saturday, and the area was not that busy since it was on the early side. The entrance was cute and a little quirky. That theme continued inside of the café and it projected a very authentic retro vibe with a wall that had several styles of coffee and tea appliances as well as some funky black and white photos. It had about 6-7 different seating areas and the main café bar.

I decided to stick to more of their breakfast items because it was morning-time, but for a second I thought about ordering one of their vegan chicken options. Luckily some of those items were not available until after 1:00 PM. There was a lot of variety on their menu, from bao’s to kabobs, to sweet items such as cheesecakes, pancakes and pound cakes. I ended up getting two items of their menu, one sweet and one savory.

For the savory (yet a little sweet too), I ordered a salty pancake called “Popeye el Marino” which translates to “Popeye the Sailor”. I went for it because it is not something I would typically order and it sounded funky. It was a pancake topped with spinach, tomato, vegan ham, oregano and Hollandaise sauce. It was fantastic and all the combination of flavors worked beautifully together.

For the sweet option, I ordered a lemon-poppy seed pound-cake which I paired with my third cortadito of the morning. The slice was very generous and it was not too sweet. You can tell there was a good amount of natural lemon zest in there and that made it even more delicious (versus using lemon flavoring). The reason I picked this item was because I love baking vegan pound cakes myself, and I like to get ideas on how I can make my recipe better.

My final note is that the staff was very friendly and they were willing to help me pick menu items based on what they like (the jetlag and not sleeping on the long flight had my head a little foggy to make a decision on my own, especially with a menu that good). I look forward to going back to Chilling Cafe the next time I am in Madrid and hopefully I will get to try some of their lunch options! Very happy I got to write this post before my next flight 🙂 Feliz Sabado!

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